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Contributing ‚Äč

We invite you to be a part of it and contribute to the ongoing development of Usend. Your expertise and insights can shape the future of this project, making it even more valuable for developers.

As we strive to enhance Usend's capabilities, we encourage you to explore new features and integrations. One exciting avenue worth exploring is Cloudflare Queues, which guarantees message delivery, enables workload offloading, facilitates smooth data transfer between Cloudflare Workers, and even allows for batch email sending.

How about developing a queue for batch email sending? This feature would enable efficient processing and delivery of a large volume of emails, streamlining your email sending operations. Learn more about Cloudflare Queues: Cloudflare Queues Documentation

And how about expanding the SDK to more languages? Or having a CLI (Command Line Interface) to simplify the launch of the vendor itself? Such a CLI would provide a simplified and developer-friendly interface for managing releases, making it easier and more efficient when deploying your custom vendor.

Join with fellow developers, share your ideas, and contribute. Let's collaborate and create something remarkable together.